Full Bag Fitting

Full Bag Custom Fitting

Price: £100

A full bag custom fitting begins by looking at how your existing set is made up, we will do a full set diagnostic review and report these findings. This will cover Loft, Lie, Length, Digital Swing Weight and Digital Frequency Analysis. The
in-depth independent analysis helps us to identify the cause of any performance-related issues that you may have. This will also help us to highlight any inconsistencies throughout the bag and what your clubs are likely to promote in their static state.

We will then capture the required data using our TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor with your existing clubs to set a baseline and identify any areas where there may be performance deficiencies. We also use this data as a benchmark to find new equipment which will demonstrably improve on your existing equipment.

Our aim with the analysis is to ensure that every club in your bag performs to the optimized standards you achieved on Trackman 4. This will give you confidence to go onto the course and hit the shots, with assurance that the clubs are perfectly suited to your game.

After 6 months we will invite you back to check all loft and lies again and again this will be part of the service that we will provide at The Golfing hub we will not charge for this time.